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5th Grade

Review of log-in procedures

  • Finding name & entering password

  • Basic interaction - using the mouse, keyboard, etc

  • Vocabulary

Review of the internet

  • Firefox/Chrome/Safari basics, tools & functions, searching, downloading, etc

Internet research

  • Using the internet for research - review proper searching techniques, identifying reputable sites, etc

  • Taking the information gathered on the internet and creating either a Powerpoint Presentation conveying what they have learned - text, pictures, animations, etc

  • Google A Day challenges

  • Refining searches and advanced search tools.  Reverse image search and creative commons applications

Google Apps

  • Student will be introduced to Google Apps and Google Classroom for lessons

  • Logging in to Google Apps with unique URL, username, passwords, etc

  • Using Google Drive to upload & convert existing Word & PowerPoint files as well as creating new ones

  • Working with Google Drive files

  • creating, formatting, and adding pictures to Documents

  • sharing Documents

  • working collaborative with Documents

  • creating, formatting, adding pictures, and animating Presentation

  • Google Forms, Sheets (Excel), and Graphing

  • Google Drawing.

Keyboarding Skills


  • Web Based Programs

  • Increased concentration on WPM and accuracy

  • Ability to transition skills into classroom tasks

  • Demonstrated ability to type 2 pages within a document in a single sitting (Common Core Requirement for 5th Grade Writing)

Digital Citizenship

  • Promote responsibility and respect when using digital tools.

  • Common Sense Media curriculum for Grade 5.

Introduction to Programming (Hour of Code)
  • Understand computer language such as algorithms, loops, and conditionals
  • Google CS First