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3rd Grade

Below is an overview of materials covered for Technology in the Third Grade.

Review of log-in procedures & basics

  • Finding name & entering password

  • Basic interaction - using the mouse, keyboard, etc...

  • Vocabulary- Desktop, Dock, Icons, etc...

  • Basic troubleshooting- refreshing browsers, checking power, connections, force quit etc...

Word Processing Documents- Pages, Microsoft Word, Google Docs

  • The basics - opening and quitting

  • File management & navigation - Save As + Open: saving a file properly (proper name, location, etc) and finding the file and opening it up on a different occasion.

  • Basic typing review - proper way to capitalize, using “Shift” for certain punctuation, 1 space between words, etc

  • Practice typing - copying a document

  • Formatting 1 - margins, when to use the return key, etc

  • Formatting 2 - Bold, Italic, Underline, etc

  • Formatting 3 - changing font size & style

  • Practice formatting - using typed document & changing font style, size, bold, etc

Google Apps

  • Student will be introduced to Google Apps and use Google Classroom to access lessons.

  • Logging in to Google Apps with unique URL, username, passwords, etc

  • Using Google Drive to upload & convert existing Word & PowerPoint files as well as creating new ones

  • Working with Google Drive files

  • Creating, formatting, and adding pictures to Documents

  • Sharing Documents

  • Working collaboratively within Documents

  • Creating, formatting, adding pictures, and animating Presentations

Review of the Internet

  • The basics of Firefox/Chrome/Safari - the buttons, address bar, tools, etc

  • Searching using Google - what the results mean, pictures, refining searches, etc

  • Downloading pictures - understanding copyright permissions, proper naming, and saving procedures

Introduction to Powerpoint/Google Slides and the Internet

  • Inserting open source pictures found on the internet into a Powerpoint Slide

  • Formatting the picture in Powerpoint/Slides - size, position, etc

  • Formatting the complete document - text and picture layout

  • Producing self-created Powerpoint or Google Slides presentations using original student writing and internet sourced pictures.

Keyboarding Skills


  • Web Based Programs

Digital Citizenship

  • Promote responsibility and respect when using digital tools.

  • Common Sense Media curriculum for Grade 3.

Introduction to Programming

  • Learn the basic programming language through

  • Understand the terms: algorithm, loops, and conditionals.