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1st Grade

Log-in procedures & basics

  • Finding name & entering password

  • Basic interaction and care of equipment - using the mouse, keyboard, etc

  • Advanced Vocabulary and Basic Vocabulary Review- Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Dock, Icons, etc.

Introductory Keyboarding Skills

  • Typing Instructor

  • Web Based Programs- Dance Mat Typing, Keyboard Zoo

  • Home Row Position, Proper Posture, Finger Placement

  • Using the shift key to capitalize and access additional characters.

  • Finding punctuation keys and typing simple sentences with increased independence.

Introduction to Programming

  • Learn the basic programming language through
  • Understand the terms: algorithm, loops, and conditionals.

Digital Storytelling/Graphic Design Tools/Text Editing

  • Kidspiration- Graphic Organizer Design

  • KidPix 3D

The Internet

  • The basics of Safari/Chrome/Firefox -  buttons, address bar, tools, etc

  • Using shortcut tools to locate websites

Digital Citizenship

  • Promote responsibility and respect when using digital tools.

  • Common Sense Media Curriculum for Grade 1.