Digital Literacy

Recently attended a workshop, "Amplify Teaching: Thinking for Today and Tomorrow's Classroom" by Kristin Ziemke and she raised many good points about using technology as a tool in the classroom to support collaboration, communication, and creativity.  It is critical that technology is integrated and taught appropriately because studies have found that Tweens, children between ages 8-12, spend about 6 hours a day on their media devices. (Report).  Teenagers spend about 9 hours a day on their devices. The study continues to find that of that 9 hours, only "3% is spent on content creation which includes writing, coding or making digital art or music". Which means most teens spend about 16 minutes creating digital content! That's almost zilch next to the 3.5 hours of "watching, listening, or reading" on their devices.  We need to teach students to be creators and makers, and not only consumers in this digital age.  

In my padlet below, I will share resources and ways technology can be easily integrated into a content area.  Some resources are from Kristin's workshop, and others are ones I've used or recommend. (Note: This page is in working progress.)


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